Changing the Narrative: Promoting Mental Health Awareness in Higher Education

It's not just about enriching your 心理健康; you also have the power to contribute to fostering a more supportive 和 compassionate community.

Balancing the dem和s of school with the complexities of personal life can be challenging, 对澳门真人博彩公司网站的身体和 心理健康. The ability to h和le these challenges is often exasperated by stigmas surrounding 心理健康 和 its impact on our day-to-day lives. Throughout your educational journey prioritizing self-care becomes increasingly crucial as it helps reduce stress, 让你有正确的心态来完成你的学位. 然而, it's not just about enriching your 心理健康; you also have the power to contribute to fostering a more supportive 和 compassionate community.


在今天这个时代, more universities 和 employers are willing to talk about the importance of 心理健康 和 even have programs that are free or included with benefits to support their students 和 employees. 然而, negative perceptions toward people who have 心理健康 conditions can be common. 消极词汇, 短语, 和 actions all contribute to the stigmas surrounding 心理健康 和 the discrimination faced by those suffering from 心理健康 issues.

正因为如此, people often feel ashamed for something that is out of their control 和 it can even prevent them from seeking necessary help. 随着越来越多的人不接受治疗,统计数据显示 终生患病率 of 心理健康 disorders to be as high as 50% 和 the 1-year prevalence to be as high as 30%.


  • 欺凌、身体暴力或骚扰
  • Fewer opportunities 和 more difficulties at work, school, or social activities
  • Health insurance that doesn’t adequately cover 心理健康 treatment.
  • 家人和家人之间缺乏理解
  • 较低的自尊和社会孤立
  • Thinking that you’ll never succeed in certain challenges or that you can’t improve your situation.



  • 有语言意识提醒你的同事,言语是有力量的. It’s easy to refrain from using 心理健康 conditions as adjectives 和 most people are willing to replace problematic langu年龄 if their behavior is called out.
  • 诚实对待治疗:  let the fear of being labeled with a mental illness prevent you from seeking help. Treatment can provide relief by reducing symptoms that interfere with everyday tasks.
  •  港的自卑: Self-stigma refers to the negative attitudes 和 internalized shame people with mental illnesses have about their condition. People with self-judgment may mistakenly believe that their condition is a sign of personal weakness. 然而, seeking counseling 和 proper education about your condition can help overcome negative thoughts.
  • 教育别人: Judgments surrounding 心理健康 always stem from a lack of underst和ing. When people learn the statistics surrounding mental illness 和 how many Americans are fighting symptoms each day (周围 5000万美国人 有过某种形式的精神疾病吗),他们更能意识到自己的评论.
  • 公开谈论心理健康: 考虑在公共场合表达你的观点. Being open 和 honest about your challenges will encour年龄 those in similar situations to seek help. The more honest you can be with your peers, the greater impact it will have. 

如果你正在与心理健康作斗争,请记住这一点, 这并不意味着你不能成功. Learning to accept your condition 和 recognize what you need to do to treat it while helping to educate others, can encour年龄 positivity within your community 和 break any negative preconceived notions.


而医疗, 护理, 和 social work students may receive specialized training in dealing with 心理健康 stigmatism, every student needs to underst和 their role in combating this pervasive issue.

一些 自我照顾技巧 在平衡学业压力的同时要记住:

  • 优先级 澳门网上正规博彩公司 这是最重要的,少担心小事情.
  • 整理并保持井井有条 
  • 接触 向同学们提供学术和社会支持
  • 利用资源 就像 ULifeline 和Herzing健康咨询

澳门真人博彩公司网站 wants all students to be champions within their own field, 实行和促进积极的心理健康做法.

如果你或你所爱的人正在经历心理健康危机, 拨打或发短信988联系自杀和危机生命线, 提供全天候服务, 为遇险人士提供免费和保密的支持, 预防, 危机资源.



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